Our history

Nezuko was created in 2021 to sublimate men and women and help them gain self-confidence. Indeed, the founder has always been convinced that jewelry is a way to gain confidence.

Nezuko's jewelry comes from European suppliers as well as a manufacturing workshop in Asia to European standards following the designs concocted by us. We place great emphasis on ethics and our working conditions and we are committed to using no plastic for your orders.

Why the name Nezuko?

The founder being a big fan of the anime Demon Slayer the character of Nezuko: the very definition of jewelry. Why ? Nezuko is attacked by evil creatures, following the bite Nezuko is supposed to become a demon in turn. However when her brother finds her he realizes that despite the attack Nezuko has lost her speech but has preserved her humanity. She then follows her brother in his adventures, she does not speak but protects him, makes him stronger and "sublimes" him.

This is the very definition of jewelry: it does not speak but accompanies us every day by sublimating us and making us gain self-confidence.